Think I messed up socialization!

I have WHAT in my yard?

11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
I got five new hens in the spring. I was waiting for them to grow up a bit before integrating them. Meanwhile I had a hen go broody. She had 4 chicks in Sept.

I integrated the five hens in around the same time they started laying (I waited too long didn't I?)

So the momma and her babies are next door so the flock can see her and she them. I found one of the hens looking like the rooster has been a little too loving.... So I moved her in with momma so she could rest and start reconnecting with momma. At least that was my thinking.

Momma beat the pjs off of the other hen. I mean really beat her down. Her leg is injured, her comb is torn, the bak of her head is all scabbed up. So this poor girl who was already pretty beat up is now a mess!

I moved her and another hen who is also looking pretty ragged into the brooder box just to get them away from the roo and give the poor beat up one a chance to heal but not be all alone.

Now what do I do????
HOw long should I wait for momma and the chicks to be re-integrated? How long should I give the other two to heal before putting them back in?? If I keep them out for long will they get even more beat up when I return them???=
Your mother hen is not interested in connecting with any other chicken, just protecting her chicks. If the rooster is the problem, remove him, not the hens. Having said that,
it is normal to see that on hens, when you have so few with the rooster. I would have left them as they were.
As for integrating the chicks, that will depend on the size of your pen, the smaller the bigger they need to be.
I took the hen out because she was injured. would the other hens hurt her??

They are temporarily badly overcrowded. Their new run is under construction and I think this is causing most of our issues.

Since she is hurt should I put her back and take out the roo??
You can try to return her but, they may all pick on her. If they do, she'll need to be kept alone untill she heals.
If they're crowded, she won't be able get away from them.
Yeah, the crowding is a real issue. Our old run was attacked by raccoons. DH tore it down to construct another one leaving them with the little day run for the meantime. Then he got a job and it has been like that for a few weeks now.

End of next week he is laid off - again. Maybe he can finish it then.

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