Think I might have a rooster or 2??


May 22, 2017
We are brand new to chickens and got these from a local lady who wasn't even sure which breed they were but siad they were all pullets. After some research of my own I figured out that we had 4 buff orpingtons and what we think is a Rhode Island Red ( just bc that is what our local feed store carries for red chickens). I believe they were around 8 weeks when we got them (could be more or less bc I don't think the lady knew much about them) IMG_20170522_142848604.jpg IMG_20170522_142813999.jpg IMG_20170522_143217020.jpg IMG_20170522_142922113.jpg IMG_20170522_142841577.jpg IMG_20170522_142901482.jpg and we have had them around 8 weeks. 2 of the orpingtons look much different from the other two and I am starting to wonder if we have a rooster or two or if they are just more developed than the others? Sorry the picture are in the pen - we have had problems with the cats going after them when we let them out :(


5 Years
Aug 24, 2015
Hamden, CT
I don't see any roosters. Those 2 are just more developed. Those two should be popping out eggs with the color that they have on their combs. I have an Orpington.

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