think its time to kill my roo


7 Years
Jul 17, 2012
Had high hopes for our buff brahma rooster... Shame he has now officially attacked every member of my immediate family... Time to put him down.. Luckily we got his welsummer replacement about a month ago.. Poor kids are scared to go outside
Really wish he didnt attack.. He is beautiful and good with his girls. If it was just me or maybe even me and the misses we would keep him. Cant have the kids getting attacked tho. We've tried everything we could think of for the last 4 months and ita gotten no better. Everytime he sees me he flaps his wings at me. My daughter refuses to to outside. Our little guy is only 2 and he shouldnt have to stay in the house just because a rooster is outside
i know how u feel...we had to cull my husband's Jersey Giant last month bc he went after out 3 y/o. it's hard to see how they are with the girls vs the humans. at least you can get a crock pot dinner out of him
Absolutely :) ... He is a good roo elsewise.. Take away the attacking for no reason and your left with a pretty rooster who calls his girls when he finds food, he waits and eats after everyone else is done, he is on constant bird of prey watch.. Its a shame

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