Think my hen is dying and I’m not sure of what


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May 5, 2020
I posted a few months ago of my poorly hen, she perked up abit after I posted and was back to normal, till nearly 2 weeks now she’s been going backwards and looking poorly. This morning she’s barely opening her eyes, she’s hunched and separated herself from the rest of the flock.


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Have u looked for mites ?
Hi, yes checked for mites, worms etc and none, I first thought she was egg bound but I couldn’t feel an egg nor did she walk funny as if she’s uncomfortable. I thought it could be cancer as I’ve looked at other peoples symptoms of their hens and it was exact same, yet….this morning I saw her comb is starting to go discoloured. So I’m unsure what’s happening. She hasn’t been right for quite a while and I’m unsure how to help her.
hi :)What about her crop-is it swollen?
Crop isn’t swollen and can’t even feel an egg, she’s come outside but she’s leaning on one side now… really don’t know what’s wrong with her I can’t feel or see anything abnormal
In case she does have an egg in there somewhere, suggest a calcium pill in the beak. Can't hurt and might help. I had a girl who would get like that when she had an egg, but hadn't been eating her oyster. Good luck. Hope she comes around.
Well, that's pretty treatable - so kind of great (disgusting) news! I went the whole liquid spraydown of birds and coop twice when they got them.

But did a third round with this, which was a lot easier to use.

Lots of threads on mite treatment. Hope she recovers soon.
Well another update….she’s worse this morning and her comb has now turned purple


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