think these will be too small?


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i have a few drawers i salvaged .....

i have 2 smaller drawers that are 13" long and 11 3/4" wide... i was hoping to use that for my egg laying boxes.

i have a bigger drawer that is 29" wide and 13" long. i was hoping to use this when i have a hen to go broody and sit on eggs.

will these be too small to use for rir, barred rocks, etc?
i would think that it would be ok...i used milk crates put on their side and the interior is 11 1/2 by 11 1/2 if i remember correctly, and they used them with no problem. now i use small plastic bucket of about the same diameter and they are fine too! i have barred rock, put they are not full grown yet though (i had them in july) so maybe it wont be ok when they are full grown
I'd give the smaller ones a try. I use dishpans, 13.5" x 12.5" x 5.6". My standard size girls love them. I've even seen two squished into one pan. My roo sleeps in one every night. Never know.
i think it would be fine because my barred rocks rir's and others use 9in x 12in boxes comfortable and even hatch peeps from these boxes and i have had them like that for approx 5yrs and i have offered other bigger boxes but they still use the small ones
Besides the posts above, bear in mind that not all hens are the same size. You may have some smallish hens or bantams in the future. I think the size will be fine--12x12 inches is just a guideline. Give it a try!
I don't believe the smaller to be to small, as it's not much smaller than my next boxes. However if you are planning on an open top communal nest box, I recommend against such nest boxes as they lend themselves to egg eating. My next boxes have barely a 6" opening and the girls manage to get in and out just fine.

Nest boxes should be big enough for them to get in and out of but not so big they can move around alot. They should be dark and private. Privacy is why hens go off to brood. I have all large breeds.

If you are to cover the small box I advise you use it the 13 front to back and 11 3/4 side to side or wide.

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