Think they have enough room?

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    May 21, 2014
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    Currently we have 38 chickens and 4 ducks (gotta love that chicken math). They have 2 coops: a 4x4 one that I had when we only had 4 chickens and a 10x12 shed that I converted to a coop. They all split time between the two coops and I'm debating connecting them together.

    The flock is about the get reduced by 4 as I have too many roosters. The run I built for them is 30'x30' giving them about 900 square feet to run around in. Where we live back in the woods, there are LOTS of critters both four legged and winged that would love to have a chicken dinner so free ranging them is not an option. I want to make sure that girls (and boys) have plenty of room to roam and be as free as they can be around here.

    By my math, they have approximately 21 sq feet per bird outside and 3.4 square feet per bird inside. The don't seem overcrowded, but I don't want to get to that point either. Think they have enough room or do I need to reduce some numbers to make sure everyone is still happy?

    Thanks in advance.

    Some pixels to help visualize:

    The coops:

    Inside the big coop:

    The run:

    Backside of run/coop with my water system:

    Backside of the run:

    And just for grins, here's a couple of my girls and boys:

    Easter Egger (no name yet)

    Cogburn (BLRW Rooster)
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    i think it looks good :D
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    Looks like a great setup. By the numbers, you have plenty of run space, and are at capacity on coop space. As long as you don't have to lock them in the coop during winter, you should be fine. If you have to keep them inside the coop, you may find they start picking on one another.

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