Thinking About Getting Dairy Goats


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Front Range, Colorado
So may project for next summer (dh will kill me if I add anymore livestock this year) is to get goats next summer and put them in with my llamas. I'd like to get dairy goats. Which dairy breeds produce milk with the lowest butterfat? I'm also wondering if I should get 2 does or if I should add a buck to the mix? Thanks for your help.

SterlingAcres gave you a great link -the Fias Co Farm site can answer any question you may have.

Also, do a search for 'goats' in the Other Pets and Livestock section here on BYC. There's a ton of info right here on this site.
I would get lamanchas again in a heartbeat.. They are very sweet and are not as vocal as the nubians. Nubians and Saanens have copius amounts of milk, forget about getting a buck, they are a pain for sure. Just be sure that you will have access to a buck. Also make sure that you are CAE negative in your herd or you will never get buck service for your doe and you will be forced to get your own buck or worse doing ai which is very expensive. ADGA is a great place to start:D
Having a buck a lot easier than making stud dates, and a lot cheaper than A.I. While very affectionate, bucks can be a challenge to have around. They're very driven by their hormones and engage in all manner of lude acts. Mine tried to gang rape me yesterday, in an affectionate way. They also get super strong during their rut and you'll need good fencing. You can't keep them too close to the does. They make the milk taste weird.
I have three bucks myself and the only thing that keeps them in are chainlink kennels and that is for sure. Mine are mixed, I have three purebreds, the rest are mixed. The Alpines can be a real challenge as they are like deer and can jump through anything easy. Nubians are jumpers, just noisy. LaManchas are very sweet my choice and if you get a saanen you are going to get lots of milk for sure. If you can get some this fall you can pay a much cheaper price but will have to winter them so it is a matter of choice. I prefer getting mine in the fall. The reason being is I can get to know them as it is pretty slow around that time of year and you can spend more time with them. If you can find one that has been exposed to a buck already you are ahead of the game and you can spend time together before she kids and she will trust you to help her if she needs it.
Our Mini-Lamancha is a great milker. She is very quiet too, unlike our very vocal nigerians!!!
It's been so rewarding to go out and "get some milk!"
I know this is late is responding, you may want to research Nigerian Dwarf. They're small, but mighty.
For a family of 5, we get plenty of milk from 4 does.
We have just started milking our Nubians and one Saanen cross. We love having our own milk and not having to purchase the milk from a local grocery ours is raw not pastuerized and it is sooo much better for us. We just recently purchased a Nubian stud...Buckwheat...and he seems to be manageable so far...ruttings season is just starting. I have heard that Alpines are great milkers and have good personalities. Good luck with your new adventure!

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