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May 27, 2009
My son wants to be a few turkeys and raise them. I have lots of questions. First, is it ok to mix the chickens with the turkeys? How many should we get? any thoughts or suggestions, Im up for!
Turkeys are AZAZING!!! YOu will be very pleased... yes... you can mix turkeys and chickens... I do... Ive got space, do you have space... ive had my turkeys in a pen with the chickens in a pen the size of 40 X 60... If its small space... you might run into problems... more space the better..

What breed are you looking for? Stay away from breasted turkeys... as they have trouble reproducing on there own... Stick to the smaller ones like wild, burbon, blacks... ect... ect...

if you can find sexed turkeys.... 4 is a great #... get 2 males and 2 females... that way if one dies... you still ahve an extra male or female.

if you cant find them sexed... hatcheries sell them in min amounts of 15...

let us know what you decide.
I got two about six weeks ago, heritage bronze girls (one is 3 months, the other 4 months), they are with the chickens... and I've decided they're just not for me. The older one is dominant, bossy, mean with chickens she deems "beneath her" and oh she is LOUD! What a racket, she drives me crazy! She will stand over my weaker birds and peck them hard and try to stand on them to squash them, yapping away

They're growing like crazy and take up way too much space, they eat and poop tons, they're wild and I can't get anywhere near them - so they have to go. Either my breeder will take them back or I'm putting an ad up for them in the local classifieds... the sooner they go, the better.

I'm sticking with chickens from now on
Last season I bought 25 to raise for thanksgiving. I figured out this about turkeys:

They eat an enormous amount of food
They leave an enormous mess
They are very friendly
The are funny, silly and amazing.

You will need:
50 lbs of feed per month per 4 birds
Triple the caged space, because they leave huge mess piles.
Lots of DE
Lots of bedding

I have three jakes and two hens from LAST season, We ate 18 out of the culled birds.

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