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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by redheadfarmer, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Oct 20, 2011
    SW Ontario
    I currently have one really old EE that last laid an egg more than a month ago. She got sick and has since recovered (mostly) but is not laying. She is in a pen by herself. I also have a blue cochin and a Gold Comet both of whom I am still waiting to start laying. I was told they were 18 weeks old when I got them and that was 5 weeks ago. Then I picked up 4 EE chicks (3 pullets and 1 roo who will be leaving us once he turns vocal). The chicks are approximately 8-9 weeks old.

    While I am enjoying the chickens, I WANT EGGS!

    So I am thinking about expanding the flock. I have a friend with one white chicken and 6 brown chickens who are laying about 5 eggs a day. I could adopt all of them.

    Or I could shop out for breeds that I really want, knowing that it will be spring before I can get chicks from the local feed store. In Ontario, Canada there are fewer choices of where to get chicks from and since the lot I currently have all came from "Feather and Fur" swaps and not a one turned out to be the breed that was advertised, I am at a bit of a loss.

    In an ideal world, I would be able to find 1 RIR, 1 BR and one chicken that lays a very dark egg....

  2. Fred's Hens

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    Adopt the laying hens.

    In spring, you can get chicks of various breeds you select. Those chicks won't lay until this time next year. So, these adopted layers will fill the time until then. Best of both worlds. Hows that?

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