Thinking Of Making Chest Icubator Any Help???


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
Im thinking of making an incubator out an old chest freezer. Are there any tips anyone could give me? Or parts that I should buy?
do NOT decide to not get a thermostat!!! I learned the hard way last week!!! No more eggs in my faux-bator till my thermometer arrives as i will not go 3 weeks with no sleep just to monitor temps!!!!
I made this bator out of a upright freezer and it works perfect it holds temps within 1.5 deg, I used a thermostat out of a old hot water tank and removed the fan and placed it at the top next to the door.I only used one bolt to hold the fan that way I could adjust the fan by turning it that helped in ajusting the temp if I need to tweak the temp.I put the turner on the top shelf. and in the bottom I used a big rubber tub for my brooder as you can see in the pics it has some pheasant chicks in it.I drilled 3 1/4 inch holes at the top on both sides and 3 holes at the bottom on both sides for fresh air and used pie pans to hold the has hatched about 200.hundred chicks so far with no problems.I hope this helps good luck on your bator.
oh ya i definetly need a thermostat.. they are life savers. I just want a bator that holds more than 40 eggs and for fairly cheap
I have had 100.eggs in this one and still had plenty of room and it didnt cost me can pick up a thermostat for about $10.00 if you cant find a old tank .

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