Thinking of renting out my egg incubator.


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
I have like 100% hatch rate with my incubating skills, and people always rant to me about how I should incubate there eggs for them. I was wondering if I should? I think it would be a smart idea, but how much would I charge? Per egg?
I saw an add posted locally for incubating services... they were asking $1 per egg set and $.20 for each egg hatched. So, for every resulting chick, they were wanting $1.20. Seems fair for 21+ days of service.
I think that you should only charge for how many actually hatch. If you are suppling the eggs, then you could charge for them as well, but if the "customer" supplied the eggs then I wouldn't charge them anything just to put them in the incubator. I think price depends. I would just go about the same price as a straight run chick from a hatchery. Do you know how to vent sex? If you did, then you could offer that service.
I suppose it all just depends on what you want your little buisness to be like. Hatcheries don't get paid for eggs that don't hatch, but I suppose if people want to rent your skills, and are willing to pay you for it, then you could charge them whatever you want. As long as you have customers, I think it is kinda up to you... best of luck with whatever you decide.

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