Third hen sick and I don't know what's wrong!

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    I have a small flock of two year old RIR hens. In the passed few months I lost two, both exhibiting the same symptoms: Start looking puffed up, wont return to cook, won't roost up high, dirty poopy butt. And then they become very weak and die. My chickens are free range with some layer pellets available to them. They spend a lot of Tim around the barn and horses, and could be eating oats. Would that kill them? I now have a third chicken with these symptoms. I have taken a few pics that I will post. I soaked her last night and gently felt all around her vent, it feels soft, although her abdomen feels tight. [​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
    She spilled some water - that is te additional liquid in the first pic but her poop is very yellow and liquidy. Our chickens free range in the country so there r plenty of things to eat. I also keep layer pellets available from time to time- a small amount lasts quite awhile. Thank you
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    One thing I would consider is internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis. It's common in hens that age, and with the tight abdomen she also may have ascites or water belly that can be common with EYP. If you are seeing yellow droppings, that can be yolk material or E.coli infection. A vet might do a fecal float and a gram stain for bacteria, cocci, and worms. If there is fluid in her belly removing some periodically can ease breathing and pressure. Do you have a vet who could see her?
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    I'm going through almost the exact same thing, with the exception being the poo is brown/white but very runny. Following.

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