Third time treating sour crop!


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I have a pullet that i have treated 3 times over the last 4 weeks for sour crop. I get her crop clear, or so i think and then in less than a week it's back.
The last time i treated her i kept her isolated longer than in the past and very slowly monitored her food intake, building it up slowly over 5 days.
Here i am a week later with her in isolation again, this time her crop was so full of fluid that i thought it would explode, she has been vomiting it out today on her own cos its so full.
Is there some medication that i can try? need to get her better once and for all.
In the past, i have kept her on just water the 1st day, yogurt 2nd day, yogurt mixed with oats 3rd day, same again day 4 and 5 but adding a bit extra every day as i start with small portions.
I had a girl with sour crop for 2 full months. I determined that the feed she was on, Purina Layena, was making her sick. I changed out the feed to another brand and the sour crop cleared up immediately.
I've been going through the same thing with an older hen but she has something going on internally that is making it hard for her to keep an empty crop (something made her organs or should I say gizzard shift), maybe egg mass or tumor. She had been ill before this started happening to her. I had to take her to the Vet it got so bad. We had to vomit her several times which is dangerous,and the Vet said to try to give her 2 cc of water every hour and gently massage her crop. I can't say I did it every hour but as often as I could. It took her almost 2 weeks to get back to normal and I had to try to crop feed her food (mash) after that as she wouldn't eat much and needed to put weight back on. She lost alot! It was sad as she was so hungry but couldn't eat. After her crop emptied she seemed to be getting better and a month later the same thing happened again. She went into shock this last time and I vomitted her and held her in a blanket and got a small amount of water into her until she stabilized. I have to watch what she eats, no seed or anything that may help clog her up but hers is like I said something bad going on inside her. She's been on Baytril and an antifungal solution for a while now. I also made her a crop bra that helps hold her crop up to the right position to help it empty. I found info on the internet about them and made one out of Vet wrap. The Vet also recommended it. My hen got used to it and doesn't seem to mind it at all. Don't give up on your girl, the water helps them in small quantities eventually flush it through. But like I said we had to vomit her or she would have choked/asperated on it which can kill them or get in their lungs. Good luck, and hopefully it's something that she ate that did it and not something worse.
Oh no, I just bought my 3rd bag of that brand, with the Omega 3s in it. I've got a chicken in my kitchen, in a laundry basket, on day number 2, with a soft, watery filled crop. Grrrrr......
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I have been dealing with a pullet with an impacted crop for almost 4 weeks now. Hers went sour once, I gave her fresh garlic and Braggs apple cider vinegar with mothers. I really think the fresh garlic helped the most. I just crushed it up and fed her a little and she ate it no problem. The next morning her crop was half the size. Hope you hen starts feeling better soon.
Well she is a bit better and her crop is nearly all empty, but it seems to come back after treatment, so will have to keep an eye on her when i let her out of the hospital coop.
She has pooped lots today so hopefully this is a good sign. I will keep her in the hospital coop for another 3-5 days just to make sure she is 100% before i let her out with the others.

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