Third Times a Charm Right? Wrong!

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  1. This is our third rental place in 5 years that is having a mold problem. The other two we ended up moving out of after health issues developed and the problem could not be resolved well enough to prevent the problem from recurring.

    We noticed a musty smell in the basement, but could never locate where it was coming from because there was never any moisture. We had suspicions about a drain in the basement and a previously repaired crack in the foundation, but again, no hard and fast evidence that either of those was the problem. We brought it up to our landlord who wasn't interested in pursuing a wild goose chase. So we have kept a vigilant eye out. A few weeks ago we noticed that the paneling around the drain was looking a little darker than the rest and sure enough, there was the water to pinpoint the issue. The problem quickly went from bad to worse and a plumber was called.

    He tore out the paneling around the drain to reveal that the drain had been leaking for a LONG time. While he could fix the drain and did so immediately, he talked about a professional needing to come in and clean up. The wood has been soaking up the water, the paneling is moldy, as well as the carpet. Also, in removing the paneling, the mold smell has now permeated all 2400 square feet of our home.

    I can't believe this is happening again!! AGAIN!
  2. not 3rd time's a charm, trouble come's in THREE. you should be all set now as far as renting mold. good luck!
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    oooh, mold is sooo bad.

    Should I offer my services as a mold detector? I walk to the mere door way of a building with mold, inhale, and derp! and collapse into anaphylactic shock...mmm, maybe not.

    May I suggest what I will do if I rent again? Writing an addition to the lease agreement about mold. I don't know your state's regulations on such. Not much protection, and what there is isn't enforced, here in the lovely South Eastern US.

    We own our home, and boy, have I been the leak detector! A mere one foot by two foot section of moldy insulation in a wall is all it takes (improperly installed secondary/emergency drain line to the a/c) to send me off to la-la land.

    I'm betting you live in the western part of WA - the parts very east are pretty dry - but not immune either.
    Moving bites, sorry.

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