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8 Years
Jul 28, 2015
I am preparing myself to cull a few birds-to make some room in the coop-just now entering their third year of laying but wanted to ask first about peoples' experience with several breeds.

For me, the black and red stars have been good layers but appear to have stopped, though some clearly for the reason that they are in molt.

Surprisingly, the Buffs continue to show up in the nest box, as do the Americauna.

I have Black Orps entering their second year and they have been okay though not the stellar layers that people would have you believe. Not sure if I would get them again.

Finally, just coming into their first month of laying are the Wyandottes and more Black Stars. And one Leghorn which lays every day without fail.

I guess I'm asking if other folks have had similar experience with the Stars' production decline and therefore my instincts to dispatch them first may have some basis in some shared experience (of production decline). Understand, I DO realize that the rule of thumb for the second year is 60% of previous and so on.

I've never had sexlinks, but have read a butt-ton about them on BYC :D
Some can go long, other peter out at 2-3 years.

Regardless of breed, if you are going to rotate replacement layers,
3 age groups in summer and 2 age groups in winter,
best to cull the oldest birds in their 3rd fall.

I had most older birds stop early to molt and a couple others just keep on truckin'.
Am using lights ~12hrs at this point, will ramp it up to 14hrs at Solstice.
Am due to cull next week, a bit late, hard to decide who goes.
Some 30mo's are an easy choice but have a few 18mo's that need to go.
I have 3 old ones and a rooster, that need to go. I will keep the old rooster until spring, have a cockerel growing up in the flock, so it will be a timing thing. I am slow to get this done, but noticed I am running low on home canned chicken broth... and I am partial to that in cooking.

So my question is a bit off topic, but if you are using the pressure canner, do you have to wait the 2-3 days in the fridge?

Mrs K

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