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    Jun 24, 2013
    Buna, TX
    Her name is Leia. She will be 3 weeks old Wednesday-along with 10 others .
    [​IMG] this is Sharky, who is a month and 1 day old with 27 others.

    I quit vegetarianism after 11 years. These chickens (along with a few others) made me realize i should try again. The outright trust melts my heart.

    They also made my husband realize we should not buy beef cows, and he said he sees a lot of cheese, milk, and eggs in his future- but very little poultry or red meat.

    Whoops :hmm
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    although I have eaten a couple of my processed Roos, processed by others, I am not happy about it. Loved the flavor.... Not gonna give up chicken meals, but won't send away any more cockerels.

    This is because I just bought 8 acres five miles from my home where I will set up my flock after escrow closes and the coop and run are built. Agricultural land with enough space that if the few neighbors hear the roosters and don't like it, they can pound sand.

    If chicks, poults, ducklings and/or goslings hatch in one of my incubators (I incubate once or twice a year) or under a broody hen, I have a lot of trouble giving them up even if it's to go to another flock. The former are MY babies and the latter are my GrandChicks.

    Mine. Mine. MINE. :lol:
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    I like it!!! [​IMG]

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