This forum is the best forum I have ran into and I'm going to stick to it!


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Nov 28, 2012
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So I have realized that this forum is the greatest forum for animal questions or help. I have used other sites mostly just yahoo answers and the people on there I have concluded are just ignorant and rude. They don't seem to read the full story or question on anything you post. Just recently like a week ago I rescued a stray pregnant starved kitten from the streets and she is addicted to human food and I asked how to curb her from this diet. I posted this "so around four days to a week ago i just rescued a stray kitten around maybe 6-8 months old that is pregnant and looked like a skeleton. she is a tortie shell and i found her down the street from my house. i was expecting her to be scared and mean and run off as i approached her, but she came up to me and just wanted attention. im guessing maybe she use to be someones cat, but they dumped her on the street. well anyway i bought cat litter and cat food and she has gained weight since then, but i am having trouble getting her off human food. im guessing she is to use to eating food from the garbage or whatever people threw to her and now whenever i eat or try to eat she begs for my food and and tries to stealit right in front of me. i blow at her face or remove her from where ever im eating, but she comes right back looking for more food so i started to lock her in a room where her cat food is. how can i curb her from human food without having to fight her away from mine?" One person so far gave me a rude comment saying this "Take to animal control! Where it'll be SPAYED & properly managed." Really? So that the shelter will put her down or just kill more cats and kittens to make room for another homeless kitten? How many shelters have you heard of doing an abortion on a pregnant cat? I can honestly none for me because that would cost more for them to do so they'd be more than likely to put the cat down. And to this person yes I know bringing this poor kitten into my home where she has shelter, food, water, protection, and love it's just to "terrible" for this cat. Sometimes I wish I could reach through the screen and slap people. Anyway sorry for this long rambling post, but I just had to get this out there.

PS you guys are the best and nicest people I have ran into!!
Hope this is the right thread to post this if not I'm sorry still kinda new to this forum.
. Grrrr. I really dislike people with agendas they try to push on others. I commend you for rescuing the kitty! Turn it into a "shelter?" when YOU are providing it a good home?!? I think not!

Thanks I just wish others could see that too. I'm just trying to help her
That's just ignorance at its best!
Good for you for being that kitty's angel. Yes, the shelter would most likely put her down, as they are all so over run with animals.
Of course, this is all due to the humans, not spaying or neutering their pets!! I am a foster for cats and kittens, and see what goes on. A huge hug for you!!!
Bless you!!
Update on kitty she is going into labor. She seems to be pushing it looks like and some fluid came out and she is acting loveable and making noises and so I'm pretty sure its going to happen really soon!

Sorry I know I should have put this in a different category, but I just wanted to update you guys.
Thank you for taking the little starving cat in where it can be loved & kept safe
. There are far too many homeless & unwanted animals out there. A vet check for her general health would a good idea. It is sad to say but shelters do abort litters of kittens in there spay/neuter programs :( . Hope all are born safe& healthy & your able to find them good homes. Post pics if you get a chance. A starving animal can be very pushy when they smell food. since she isn't used to regular meals she is probably going to try & eat what ever she can. Best thing to do is get her a good high quality cat food - try both wet & dry - & feed her in another room. Its ok to place her in another room where you can shut the door. Take care & best of luck

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