This is a bunch of POO!


10 Years
Apr 26, 2009
Toadsuck, AR
All morning I have been rubbing my left eye and my cheek under it because I kept seeing something. I never felt anything I just kept seeing something in the lower part of my vision. Finally I went and looked in the mirror and discovered there is white hair growing out of my face. WTH? Who grows one white hair out of their upper cheek? So, I had to spend 30 minutes outside in the sun with a mirror making sure this weird, white hair doesn't have any friends.

Ah yes, the discovery of every single rogue follicle of your face will entertain you the rest of your hen life. And trust me, what you will find is that the completely hairless face that you see in the mirror that morning, will not be the one you see in your office mirror later that day.
I AGREE--IT IS A BUNCHA POO! Getting older ain't for sissies! LOL I've got gray hair, and that's OK with me. I call them my highlights! LOL:lol:
I think this was just a freak thing that happened. I have been asking for thicker hair on TOP of my head so maybe the hair fairy was having an off night and missed my head with her little hair fairy wand.
POO, I tell you, POO!!!!

My least favorite are the ear hairs. I'm 40. If I was ever interviewing for a college professorship, and was asked "What will you do first, as a full professor?"

"I'm gonna grow out my eyebrows and ear hair. There's nowhere else, in the world, where that is totally appropriate and acceptable, except in a university!"

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