This is an update on duck eating eggs.


11 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I couldn't find my original message, it has been a while. I had been worried that my two indian runner ducks were eating their own eggs. They were both sitting on the same nest, but one duck was caught taking eggs out of the nest and leaving them. None of the eggs made it.
About 3 weeks later the duck taking the eggs out of the nest started sitting again. The other duck paid no attention. This time I also saw her taking the eggs out, but I figured out that the eggs had gone off and I guess she knew it. She did hatch one egg, but being new to this, the chick died I think for lack of water.
I just wanted to let everyone know as I didn't have anyone suggest this to me back then.
I will let them sit next spring, and I am hoping for a few chicks. you think she knew the eggs were bad or something. I have heard of them moving bad eggs out of the nest before..have not witnessed it first hand though.

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