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Morgan Leigh

Jun 4, 2020
Hello there! Morgan from Alaska here, found this site because I had a question to ask but after looking around I decided I just had to join up.
A 'LITTLE BIT' ABOUT ME: Got 10 1 week old mixed chickens on April 1st after a long non-chicken period. They're doing fantastic. Raised them in the house in a huge dog kennel, lots of love and petting so these guys are the follow you around for hugs kinda guys lol
They are outside in their coop now and I let them free roam during the day since I'm basically in the woods. Have to worry about ravens, eagles, lynx and bear but they have overhead screening trees and I have a dog that thinks it's her job to take care of them.
I can't begin to explain how peaceful and happy they make me. I have tea and chicken hugs every morning lol
Hope you are all well and I look forward to meeting you :)
Hello Morgan! Welcome to BYC! Great intro! We're happy to have you! Your chickens sound so sweet. What breeds so you have? Enjoy your time here!
Welcome! I did the same thing, look around and get answers to questions before getting chickens and eventually I just decided to join, which made my need for chickens even greater and accelerated the timeline! I’m the same as you, love my morning (coffee) and chicky cuddles. They do make you peaceful. Enjoy your time on BYC!

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