This is DUCK related but I need EMERGENCY ADVICE

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    Jun 18, 2013
    I'm sorry if this is more for chickens in this thread but I posted under ducks and was afraid no one would see it soon enough... I need help from a veteran duck owner...

    Hello- we had a tragedy strike us overnight. Somehow my ducks pen door came open at some point over night and we lost our sweet drake (Fred) to a coyote. Fred was a like a little dog. We only have the two. Fred & Ethel. I'm a so worried about Ethel grieving/stressing herself looking for him. I have her locked up right now in her coop but I'm afraid if I let her out she will go crazy searching for him. She was stress quacking trying to call him this morning.... we have chickens & though they never hung out together I wondered if I try to put her with them in their coop if she will feel better? However we have a mean rooster. He never bothered my ducks because he was afraid of Fred but now that he's gone I'm concerned he might get after Ethel??? Going to put them together and sit with them. Our feed store will have ducklings in 3 weeks. I am going to get her some babies but ANY advice to help her over these next 3 weeks is appreciated. My family is so sad. Fred was a GREAT little guy... this is he and Ethel greeting me at my car door!![​IMG][​IMG]
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    She might rather be by herself than with the chickens?? I would see if I could find her a Mate off the for sale sites or bulletin boards at the feed stores(some people are glad to get rid of a extra drakes). She might not accept the babies. I have had to keep the babies separated from the adults until they get some size because of the adults hurting them. Then she might take them in with open wings?? Sorry about your problem.
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    I would give her as much company as possible - bring her inside, give her some space indoors, perhaps . . . and definitely I would get an unbreakable mirror to help keep her company. My ducks respond well to mirrors.

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