This is gross but I feel soo sorry and dont know how to help

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    Nov 7, 2010
    This is gross but I feel soo sorry and dont know how to help.
    Last weekend one of my leghorns locked herself in the eed bin for over 20 hours,
    We live ibn south florida so it got a little hot in there.
    When I found her she was dehydrated and had diareaha but that seemed about it.
    Was off last week, not as skish as usual but nothing seem bad.
    WE were out of town this last weekend and when I just went out to clean the coop she preferred not to leave the layer box. Was getting around fine but het comb was haning with blueish tip and a few white white spots. After I cleaned the coop I also noticed she was still dirty from diareaha. So when I washed her off this is what I found.
    PLEASE help I dont know of any farm animal vets or what to do.

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    Clean her up,if you have bedadine wash it would be good... it looks like she had a prolapse from trying to lay. Apply neosporine all over it once clean. Keep her seperated, keep her warm and in a dark area, get her on an antibiotic ASAP ... Put vitamins in her water, give soft food like scrambled eggs and keep up with supportive care. Hopefully the prolapse will go back in, if not apply some honey or hemroid cream to it. Keep her very clean, like on a puppy pad or paper towels.
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    On second thought I think I see the bottom of her vent above it, so it looks like a sore or stuck poo . Clean it up like stated above....apply neosporine and seperate her like stated...give supportive care and an antibiotic.

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