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May 27, 2019
Smithville, MO
Anyone want 2 labs?! The brown one (Si 6 years old and lazy)is trying to get away from the little gray one (Belle 5 months old and crazy). Let me warn you Si eats large chunks of rotting elk meat in the woods then proceeded to throw it all up inside. Belle eats...everything and I mean everything! Including 100 year old barn wood floor. Si cries LOUD if you don’t take he outside with you. I tried to have a private moment as I buried a chick this morning. Nope, even an acre away I can hear him. Think you have the cat food high enough, NOPE, Belle can still reach it.

Ok I’ve complained enough. Good thing they are cute ❤️


Chicken Lover, Duck Therapist
Mar 11, 2017
South Park, Colorado, USA
OMG this reminds me of a story... I found my 2 dogs in the woods, one was eating the elk carcass the other was rolling in at the same time. Not a good start to the day.

As for the cat food, which dogs love to eat and then throw up on the carpet (never on the tile, why would a dog choose to throw up on a tile or wood floor when there is carpet around), in the end we installed a cat door into the laundry room so the cats can get to their food and litter box and the dogs cannot.

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