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8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Warm.... Under a blanket... In Alaska...
This is just Digusting

An Austic 2 year old is being denied his 'ducks' (chickens) because of 2 complaints, one that isn't even his NEIGHBOR (well parents neighbor), about 'CHICKENS'. Not noise or smell, just chickens.

Its just disgusting. For several reasons but the top one being that animals have been proven to be therputic to kids, austic ones specifically, and they want to take them away. Just terrible.
I didn't read the entire article but I read enough to know I wanted to sign the little petition.

I assume this is where it is, but I just needed to rant about it.
Me too
ETA: Just saw in random ramblings where they ruled he can keep some chickens. They said 3 can stay, hopefully more. More hearings need to happen.

I signed it. No neighbor should have that kind of power over anothers property. Specially when it comes between a boy and his "ducks"!
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People can be so petty. How is this child hurting them by having his "ducks" (chickens)? They should ban mean people.

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