This may be an odd question but..


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
I was curious.. Can you feed coturnix quail canned tuna(like not as a main thing, but as a treat or something)? I saw some in my cupboard and got to thinking about it, then google doesn't really seem to have any information on the topic. So what do you all think?
Also I was curious at what age to start clipping flight feathers.(sorry for all the questions)
i wouldn't clip wings till 8 weeks. as far as the tuna...i guess, tuna does have small traces of mercury, so if they ate it alot they might get poisoned, but thats probably a long shot.
Alright thanks. And dang, I have no idea what I am going to do with that tuna, I became a lacto ovo vegetarian again, and no one else in my home likes tuna haha.
i mean, if you got one can, its not gonna hurt them. I'm talking they would have to eat a regular diet of canned tuna to get any mercury content that high.

at lleast, i wouldn't think it would bother them at all. who nkows, compost it? open it up and chuck it inthe woods?
Hahha I guess that could work, I live in Alaska so there is no shortage of woods

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