This one has me stumped

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9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
I got this one 8 months ago as the "mystery chick" in a large order from McMurray. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was convinced they sent me a Domonique pullet by mistake ;-)
Well this chicken, which is at the bottom of the pecking order, has started growing long tail feathers and hackles. It still hasn't crowed a lick though. I am starting to think it is "Gender confused". Anyone have any idea what breed it is or what sex it is???
Are they usually late bloomers or do I just have an odd one? :)
Actually, being sex-linked you can determine the males from the females as soon as they hatch. The males hatch barred (white dot on their heads), and the pullets black with red necks.

Some roosters don't crow for some time (occasionally we just don't hear them either). With flocks that contain older fowl, cockerels often become submissive until they are grown, and some even stay that way.
He came in with an order of 100. I never gave them that close a look I guess. Just never had a cockerel take this long to crow . I have, and have had, plenty of roosters (too many Bantam roosters right now). I guess the others were all just a bit more aggressive. He can take his time :)
He's just been on the down low cause he doesn't want to get his butt kicked by a roo 1/4 his size
Having just flipped through my McMurray catalog my guess is he a Cuckoo Maran. Maran's I think... Have an odd crow
Your "Mystery Chick" I believe should not be the same as a "Packing Peanut" chick. A packing peanut would be a sex link male ( usually).
Very hard to tell with this one, but since there are hackles, which no hen has, my guess would have to be roo.

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