This seems strange, two eggs again?

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    O.k. I posted the other day that I thought one of my pullets layed two shell less eggs in one day, I know it is very rare but I think she did it again. I have 5 pullets. 2 that are laying nearly everyday (in the nest boxes) and three that I didn't think were ready to lay yet. A few days ago I found two shell less eggs the other day together on the floor. Now I think it is two or three days later I find two more in a different spot on the floor but two together again. Both times they are under the roosting bar. I am thinking they have to be the same chicken it seems weird that two different times two different girls would start laying eggs in the same spot their first eggs one day and their second a few days later, it just seems to coincidental. Anyway, I hope they are not being harmed by this, no one seems to be out of sorts, I think I know which one is doing this but am not sure. Both times one was broken and one was not, it is almost as if she is laying from the roost and the second one drops on the first and is cushioned but the first one breaks? I am a total newbie so this just seems weird.
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    Rare to find two shelless eggs in one day. It could be one pullet laying both as you surmise. She may not have enough calcium to lay two eggs in 24 hours so the shells are soft. Pullets do lay oddly when first starting. She may straighten out and lay one good shelled egg a day. Do you feed layer and have a calcium supplement for them?
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    Young hens often lay soft shelled eggs, and they are often not in the nesting boxes. try to boost their calcium intake to help strengthen the shells

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