Those of you that have had Swine Flu/H1N1 or used Tamiflu...


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
I had this last week...still recovering, but able to be up and around and do some things. Did anyone here have memory loss? I've basically lost an entire week!

I am talking to different friends this week and apparently had spoken to several of them last week. I don't remember any of the conversations. I do specifically remember seeing the phone next to me, and checking it and realizing that I had been on the phone with DH for about 20 minutes. I called him back and asked him if I spoke to him and he said yes, but that I was out of it.

I only remember small bits and pieces of the entire week. Has anyone else had this? Do you eventually remember or is that whole week just gone??

Also, how long until you feel better? I still have a horrible cough. I also get exhausted, and have to rest often.

Anyone want to share their experiences??

The kids didn't get the flu, and their pediatrician didn't want to give them Tamiflu because of the side effects. I got lucky with them.

i had it.. I was sick with a fever for about 7 days straight. I remember 4 of those days.... Then about a whole week of recovery. I still have residual chest congestion, but the doc gave me some steroids to get rid of it.
DH & I just had the flu. Today is my first day out of bed in a week. I figured that my spotty memory of last week was because it was so boring - lying in bed, snoozing, sweating with fever, and repeat as needed

I still have a cough (and I've been told that it will be a few weeks for it to hang on,
) And I imagine I'm going to sleep well tonight because I pushed it too much today running errands and trying to put the house back to rights (3 kids running amuk while mom and dad are in bed dying, LOL)

I wouldn't worry about the memory loss. Your body was under a lot of stress, and focussed on healing.
My son had the regular flu last winter and got tamiflu for it. It really helped him a lot. He was miserable the first day (the day he went to the doctor), then the second day he was about 50% normal, but the 3rd day he was his usual self. If he hadn't gotten the tamiflu, he would probably have been pretty crumby for a while, instead it was only a day after he started the tamiflu before he was back to his old self.
I had swine flu and took the tamiflu tablets... I also suffered memory loss .... I then had bacterial bursitis in the hip as a result of the flu.. (still have it 8 weeks later, but it has eased off).. However the memory loss function is still with me. I mentioned it to my Dr tht I felt brain fogged still... I can't concentrate properly, and apparently my family say things two or three times before I actually hear them ... they (family) now think it has affected my hearing.... I don't like the way my brain feels .. I don't feel quite right, I sense the difference (if you can understand what I mean)... I actually think it is a result of the tablets and not the swine flu itself......

I hope you feel better soon....
That is exactly what I mean! I am hoping it will get better. I know I'm still not "all here" but it's only been a week. The cough sounds worse now than when I actually had the least from what I remember!

I guess I am a little relieved that others have had memory loss. Not glad, because I wish none of us did, but at least it seems like it is a normal issue, and it doesn't appear that I have anything else going on.

Thanks for the responses. I can't imagine how bad the Swine Flu would have been without the Tamiflu!
As it is, I don't remember too much, so I guess that is good. It lasted a solid week before I could get out of bed, and that's starting the Tamiflu within the 2 day timeframe.

Sounds like there is a super long recovery. EC-I hope you get to feeling better soon.

COMPLETELY!!! I came down with the flu on Thursday after dealing with DS's 104+ temperature for the previous half of a week. On Friday I had to prepare the business deposit. It took me much longer than normal but I got it done. Well, when my brain started coming back on Sunday, I realized I had never entered the deposit in the checkbook. Hubby and I disagreed about this for a while. I KNEW I hadn't done it and he kept telling me I did. He finally pulled it out and showed it to me in my handwriting. I can't deny it because it's there in ink, but I swear I have zero memory of it.

Now, about this cough. . . It's driving me NUTS! My throat is so dry and it doesn't matter what I drink, I can't make it go away. Lozenges help a little, but it only lasts so long. Have you guys found a solution to this problem?

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