Thought she was Welsummer, but lays white eggs -- anyone have a clue?


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Hi -- Please have a look at this hen. I thought she was a Welsummer, but she lays white eggs. Anyone have a guess at the breed? Just curious to know.

(1 hour later.....) Now I'm wondering if she is a game hen? We had a mean/bad rooster (her brother) that almost killed her sister. I'm still reading, but getting confused on game hens vs. standard hens.

We just got 4 new hens (3 weeks old) that are separated for now, but we want to integrate them with the other 2 hens when they're big enough. The 4 new babies are 2 EEs and 2 Brahmas. Is this going to be a problem down the road? argh. :-/

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She has white ear lobes a welsummer has red. Not sure what she is, but here is a pick of a welsummer from Meyer hatchery.
Yep, a nice looking American Game hen... black breasted red variety. You now have you the best incubator/brooder going and it needs no electricity to operate!!!
sounds unanimous -- game hen. Ok.

So, what do you folks say about us incorporating the 4 new hens we've got growing now: 2 EEs and 2 Brahmas. Do you think the 2 game hens we have will accept them once they're big enough to share the coop/yard?
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We have game hens running the yard with EEs, RIRs, Brahmas, cubalayas, thais, aseels, malays....and they are doing just fine.... Once they establish their pecking order, they will be ok, just be sure and give them enough room and pull any game hens out if they get broody cause they can be quite protective of their nest/chicks towards other hens. Good luck with your girls and happy hatching...


Buff brahma X game hens (yard mutts) that came outta the brush...
american gamefowl, looks like of the "Round head" Variety, which is usually the color of your hen. with white legs, and Pea comb. she may even have some White hackle in her.. Which is a red chicken (that resembles round heads). but instead is 98% of the time.. Straight comb. with yellow or white legs. i have a few Roundhead/white hackle crosses running around on the yard.. a rooster 5-10 hens that look just like yours.

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