Thought yall might enjoy this story :)


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
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Jul 9, 2008
So saturday I went to the flea market to sell my ducklings and my trio of scovies. I have a friend over there that has scovies but sets up on the other side of the market with her rabbits. She wanted a drake so I sold her my month old black barred drake at about 4 am.

So I get done selling everyone at about 10 am, and i head back over to give her the left over feed i have. All of a sudden i look forward and hear a commotion - and see my scovie drake run through the crowd!

seems as she was giving him water he ran out of the carrier like a rocket. So I put my bag down and the chase begins!

First he runs under a car , we get him out and start chasing after him as he runs through peoples stuff. he heads for the road, we head him off, he runs under a huge food trailer vehicle ( mobile food store ) where i get under the trailer and there are people with sticks trying to push him toward me. He runs out, runs across the street ( all with me, the owner, and four or five helpful guys and ladies with big purses. ) we go across the street through more venders things and finally catch him in a bunch of thorns against an old abandoned house.

So I ended up hot and sweaty with a duck in my hand and grass in my belly button! lol, but we didnt have any more incidents after that and she was able to get him home safely.


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Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
Good way to start out your summer!

Buttercup Chillin

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Oct 27, 2008
SouthEast TX
Wish I'd a seen that.
I could use a lesson in how to catch a Scovy. I have a hard enough time cathing the baby ducklings when they run amuk. They are fast at whatever age.


Overrun with chickens
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Mar 23, 2010
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Those are the moments without a cam ready.

Here is a story we encountered with out English Cocker Spaniel pup over 20 years ago. He isn't with us anymore, but we still love the story. We took him out with a hunting club to train him on finding birds, rabbits, etc. That was back in Germany, no guns allowed. It usually started with a hike in the forest, and later training session for the bigger dogs. The pup were let loose with the adults on the hikes so they would learn from the others. This was Vincents first time and he was only a few weeks old. He naturally stayed on the trail, since he wasn't sure. All the other dogs were out in the bushes trying to find things. Once sudden we've heard a big bark followed by a pack screaming while running after something. The sound started to come towards us, so we were waiting to see what it was. Vincent started to look at us not knowing what was going on. Then he turned towards the sound at the same moment when a rabbit jumped out of the shrubs and knocked Vincent over. Rabbit took off followed by 20 or so dogs. Vincent finally got up trying to figure out what has just hit him. Next he barked, and a second later he followed the barking pack mad has hell. After that he turned out to be a very good hunting dog. He would find anything and would cover ground extremely well. We now have one of his sons left. Jacob also a very good hunter, and he is now 14 years old.


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Jul 14, 2009
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Makes me glad most of mine are tame, although i am sure they'd freak out in a strange place. I've got all my babies 'trained' to their Blue Bucket (feed bucket). They all come running when they see and hear me shaking it, lol.

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