Thoughts on a "time out" pen design.

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    Mar 25, 2009
    When winter breaks, I'm parking my chicken tractor and starting on a chicken moat (I say "starting" because I'm going to do it in sections, adding to it when I have the time and money. The first section with be a 25' x 10' rectangular pen containing the house, which will be the coop portion of the tractor I currently have with the wheels removed). A "feature" I'd like to have in my moat is a "time out" box that I could put Rooster in when he's been over-harassing the hens or one of the hens in if they're injured. It should be small, and for its purpose doesn't need to have run access. The only real requirements are that it be cheap, predator-resistant, and be able to handle most weather conditions--I don't expect to use it in the dead of winter; then I'll look to other options, so that means we're looking at it needing to shed water and not be too hot in summer.

    Any thoughts? I've considered anything from a rabbit hutch to a pet travel crate on a shelf with a roof over it.
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    Mar 5, 2009
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    My DH builta "tractor" that is just as well in winter or summer. The "coop" part has tin over it. This is "A" frame. There is a strip of tin to cover the top to keep out rain ans such. The front is also covered with tin and has a door and about middle of the tractor he built a wall with a place cut out so they can come and go into the run part. We have the run covered with a tarp. I plan to get one that is clear so more sunlight gets in. We roll the tarp up to the coop part on nice days so they can enjoy fresh air. For heat, he has a heat lamp inside where the roof meets the front. There is a space there for ventilation, he put the cord of the lamp through there and it is plugged into the side of the house where we have an outdoor plug. You will need to let the cord droop so rain won't run down the cord and right into your lamp. Being tin and all we don't want to fry anybody. There is a rooste inside the coop. This does well for our 2 month olds just fine. We put them in it when they where 3 weeks old.

    He has another that he renovated a gardening table into a pen with a run. There is also a light in thereon the water to keep it from freezing with a roost. The run is covered with fiberglas sheeting. They can't chew it so it's safe for them. It lets in light and it is also ventilated. The roof goes over the sides and it isn't air tight. I don't have pics or I would show you. He used scraps of materials we have around to make it.

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