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    Im sorry. I didn't know where to ask this question.

    I've been sitting my eggs on the counter in my kitchen(unwashed). How long can I leave them out like that? I've researched online, asked questions on several fb pages and watched videos on youtube. What are y'alls thoughts on this?
    I've read where you can leave them up to 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and even longer. I know I can float test them when I'm ready to use them but I also don't want rotten eggs sitting out if I don't use them right away.
    People have also said to wash them and put them in the fridge but don't they go bad quicker without the bloom on them? Thanks!
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    If you do not wash the bloom off, you should be safe for at least 2 weeks. The eggs do dry out after extended time and a float test will indicate that. I have found old eggs that were buried in the coop litter. Upon floating them, they were old. I cracked them open just to find them dried up rather than spoiled. Now when I find old eggs, I simply boil them up for my chickens to consume. I find that they look fine when I break them open. I am not in a desperate situation that loosing an egg means starvation.
    I do wash the eggs that I collect since some do get some soiling of mud and such from chickens dirty feet.(not all) I keep in refrigerator then. The eggs will keep long and not spoil when refrigerated.
    When I have an abundance of eggs, I share them with family and neighbors. (free)
    WISHING YOU BEST..... :highfive:
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    I've asked that question over & over & over .... You can search that question here too ... Then theres the wash or unwashed issue. You may want to repost in the Managing Your Flock forum IF you don't get many responses here.

    I've read eggs can stay out on the counter for months. I've read other refrigerate. Some wash before refrigerating, other refrigerate without washing. I've read wash under warm water, cold make the egg contract drawing in any bacteria/contaminates on the shell into the egg. Have read every State has it's own regulations, especially if you sell eggs.

    I have 4 BOs that are great layers, I collect daily store in an egg carton until it's full. Then I store in the frig and prior to using I wash under tap water. Lucky me my girls lay clean eggs. I was in a PANIC when I read they should be washed under warm water before stored in the frig. A friend of mine works at the Dept of Ag says she's asked around, told that's the way one of the lady's do it there.
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    They are good until they go bad.... and your nose and eyes will tell you when they are bad when you crack them open. No one can give you a specific period of time and say that 2 months and 10 days is the limit and the day after it will be bad. Generally in my experience they will keep about 2 months on the counter top but obviously not be as good quality as they were on the day they were laid. Older eggs are better for hard boiling though because they peel easier. In the fridge they will keep slightly longer I believe, but I can't afford the fridge space for dozens of eggs and don't really want to keep eggs for 3 months anyway!

    The float test really just gives you an indication of how old the egg is. A floater can still be ok to eat but crack with caution.
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    It takes 21 days for chicks to hatch. The bloom has to be good for that long, or the eggs would become contaminated, and the developing chick would die. I used that as my guide for leaving my eggs on the counter. That has worked out well for me. Any that I have not eaten in 21 days, that I still want to keep, I wash and refrigerate for another week, or two. I have no need to keep eggs that are too old. Fresh eggs are best for frying, since the yolk stays intact better, while older eggs are better for boiling, since they peel easier.
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    Thank y'all for responding! I guess everyone just deals with their eggs differently. :)
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    Nov 7, 2012
    I lightly wash the eggs I sell. As they get washed, I refrigerate them. Unwashed eggs can stay on the counter. But, I have limited space in both fridge and on counter. Any soiled eggs get set aside for my own use. Cracked eggs go to the dog.
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    Exactly what I thought upon seeing the question.
  9. Newfarmer36

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    Dec 31, 2017
    West Monroe, Louisiana
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    Keep in mind, 100 years ago, most people didn't have refrigerators... They just left the eggs out on the counter until they were eaten or used, or went bad and had to be tossed.
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