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    Slippery rock, pa

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    I would not pay the price for a few of my hens----LOL, but I know a lot will. Its pretty should work good. I just use pallets and used dog kennels. I am some what frugal!
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Boy, that is hard for an old drafter to look at,
    had to scroll the 'detailed plans' thru several times to figure out how big it was.
    Unless you are an experienced builder the pics and plans may be lacking.

    Looks like coop itself is about 4x6' and the run 6x10',
    which might be big enough for about 3-4 birds(not the 6 they say),
    especially during PA's winters.

    As with most prefab coops and coop plans, free or not,
    it's lacking in some logic..... but looks really cute.

    Not a bad design except for the lack of ventilation. I would add a larger roof so roof overhangs can provide eave venting protected from weather 24/7/365. Casement window not good as it can't be left open during rain, top hinged are much better. Roost should also be 12" off wall, not the 8" they describe.

    Might want to take a look at these on Space and Ventilation:
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