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What do you all think of the Thomas coop for 6 chickens? I am realizing that time is ticking and I don't have the time/resources to build a coop I would really like.,_Coops,_&_More/Coop_Photos.html

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!!

They look like nice little coops and the price doesn't look bad either. If you don't have the time to build one I say go for it!
They look like nice coops and not a bad deal. But I'd add some slats to the ramp, otherwise it will be a chicken slide. Also I might replace the "rustic" roost with a 2x4 wide side up if your in a colder climate.
Just be carefull, even though price is good that sometimes means inferior materials. Can't tell but are those 2x2's frames for roof? If so that isn't a heavy load bearing roof if you live in snowy area.

They do look nice though.l
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At this point, if I didn't have more chicks than would comfortably fit in that, I would seriously consider it myself. It looks good.
Thanks for the input.

They are a Maine company so I like the idea of supporting that. I also like the fact that you can get a kit so I can still feel like I helped to build it. I also like the metal roof

I'm going to find out what kind of wood they use and go from there.
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How does this sound for materials? This is from an email from the company:

The wood is spf #2 or better (spruce, pine, fir) this is the most common framing material in home construction.
The wall skins are t-1-11 and are glued and fastened to the frame. The roofing is metal, the nest box lid has a rubber lid, all the openings have a gate hook to provide for security.


I wish I knew more about this stuff, but that's why I come here!

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