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    I have I have 6 khaki Campbells, 6 light sussex, and 8 swedish flowering eggs on the way. I am tossing around coop ideas.I have 6223 sq ft fenced in yard that will be available daily for them. I am hoping to utilize the space under my 10'x20' rear deck. It sits approx 4 ft off of the ground. It is not covered,but I will put a roof on the coop and trench some stone around the edge and maybe under for superior drainage. Our ground drain quickly anyhow. Nest boxes will have access from the outside, and I will design so that nearly the entire front opens if necessary.

    My plan as it exists now would be to DLM and have PDZ? on poop boards.

    This will be our second time hatching and first time with a coop.(first time didn't make it that far 4 out of 12 hatched, poor incubator, and power outage last three days of incubation, and then a light out in brooder.

    My primary question is, do I have any chance of placing this under my deck without eliminating the deck as a place to socially gather do to smell.

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    I wouldn't put it so close to the house, myself. For egg songs and odor.
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    Good luck with this group of eggs. I haven't done the incubating experience. Maybe down the road.
    The coop location you are talking about sounds questionable to me if you like to entertain.

    We enjoy watching our girls and spending time with them, but also like that they are far enough away
    from the house as to not be a noise nuisance. We really haven't had an odor issue as of yet. They
    are only 3 months old and have a tractor that gets moved around the yard :>
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    You will not know until you try. What works or fails in one area or situation may have little to no consequence on your site.

    Four feet sounds like cramp quarters to clean under. Also there is possibility of a noise factor from your residence. However I heard of people utilizing the DLM for over a year or more with good results (with chickens mainly).

    I think duck poop is more potent however. The worst case scenario is go to plan "B". Sound like you think it is do able. I might give it a shot if the Mrs. was OK with it (sometimes my half bake ideas are a tough sell I might add).

    The space under the deck is of little value at present. The area under the deck can always be reclaimed regardless of the outcome.
    Keep in mind buddy like my wise father said to me when it comes to women "You can be right or you can be happy"
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