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    May 17, 2007
    I have a 6+ week old chick that found a thread hanging off the wet blanket I have over them to keep them cooler (temps in middle 90's today!) She got the thread wrapped around her tongue :eek: and I am not sure how long she was there before I found her - it had been a number of hours since I had last checked on them. I had a terrible run around trying to find a vet that would even take a look at her!! My vet that I use was closed today but I eventually called the emergency line and she said to come in and she would try to help. Turned out she has worked at a raptor center and has some bird experience. SHe was GREAT and managed to get the thread off. However the tongue was a bit cut - she said it didn't look too bad and the chick downed a couple big syringes of water as soon as we were done. What I am wondering is whether I should feed her something different while her tongue is healing? She seems to be eating the regular chick starter and I think she is drinking. I am going to go down and watch her early tomorrow morning to check on that. I was thinking that if she is doing ok to put her back with the others in the morning? What do you think... should I keep her separated for a little while and feed something soft and runny? Not sure what to do ... I am leaning toward keeping her separated for a couple of days as it is hard to keep track of how they are doing when in amongst a bunch of others that look very similar! [​IMG]
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    I don't know.... think if she was eating and drinking ok, that I would leave her with her mates. If you separate her too long, she might get picked on by the others when you put her back. Maybe use a marker to mark her so you can keep an eye on her. Just don't use red!

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