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  1. I realize this may sound kind of stupid, but is it possible that a thread could change from one section to another, with no notification or anything? I have a post that I swore I put under "raising baby chicks" and when I went onto today to read some replies, it was under "what breed or gender is this? Maybe I just accidently posted under the wrong topic, but I think I remember this happening another time. (Or maybe I'm just turning into an old fart and can't keep track of what I'm doing)

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    When the BYC staff notice a thread in the wrong section, or it is reported, the thread may be moved to another section, but we pretty much always leave a redirect.
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    If that happens and if you have replied to that thread, you can find it by click on "index" then scrolling all the way down to "see my posts." Click that and it will bring up all of the threads you have replied to. [​IMG]

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