Three chicks dead, one dying. Help!!


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
This week we found some chickens, they are less than a week old. Our adult chickens are 'backyard chickens' who walk around our yard. We knew something was wrong with two of them so we gave them back to their Mama, who of course had nothing to do with them and let them die.
We then let the others stay in a cardboard box (yes we know this is not the perfect place for chicks but it's all we have right this moment), a towel of decent size, starter food for their feeding and an itty bitty 'butter holder' for their water.
In the beginning the first one who died who lived in the box, we thought might had just been a weakling and would die anyways. Then another one died yesterday. One died today and one is dying today but we also think their might be something wrong with one of his legs for he kept one of his legs out in front of him and the other one behind him.
The way they begin is first they seem really sleepy, they keep their eyes closed and when we pet the top of their heads softly, they can open their eyes and chirp. Then they seem to get skinnier, they don't want to walk around or eat and they sort of 'hobble' around. Our other five or six chicks do not seem to have this problem and seem perfectly fine but our last sick-seeming one is near it's end from what stages we've seen. He currently can chirp a little but he doesn't want to open his eyes and my sister is trying to give him water through a water-dropper. We tried to feed him small bits of food but he doesn't want to open his beak for it. Please tell us what is wrong or how we can help the poor thing! ):
Watching, as I'm currently having the same problem. We've lost two so far and two more look to be headed in the same direction.

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