Three choices for winter feed: Which best?


7 Years
Sep 30, 2012
Norton, MA
Here we can get Agway Layer, Purina Layena, and Nutrena Naturewise Layer. All say they're 16% protein. Are the "prebiotics and probiotics" in Nutrena viable/active? Anything in there help increase calcium uptake? Anyone have any experience to compare the Agway, Layena, & Nutrena feeds?

We're tossing out some veggies now and again, too, but winter will not be as rich a time with fresh foods for them as in summer. The hens range in a large garden, but I can't imagine there's many bugs or worms left at this time.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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I'm sure you're gonna get all kinds of different answers on this question. I bounce back and forth between Purina Layena and the Southern States layer feed. I buy whats on sale or the cheapest at that time. The chickens don't seem to mind either brands and I don't see any difference in egg production. I'm sure you'll hear the same about the other brands as well.

Hope that helps
Thank you, Kreagerm. I guess the big brands probably are all too similar to have many differences. Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.

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