Three ducks and a chicken on the way


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Aug 4, 2019
I got two male ducks and one female. I got an Isa Brown on the way .my ducks are pretty relaxed. Two welsh( one a female ) and a male khaki .is it easy to introduce the new chicken into the group. I'm very new to this. Like five months in .my ducks are quite and relatively easy going .will the chicken really mess up the balance .
First of all you’re going to have an issue with the ducks, you have way too many makes for a female, you should have at LEAST 3 females per male.

Now for the chicken, it’s not recommended to keep waterfowl with chickens. As ducks are very messy and like wet things unlike chickens, which can spread disease or create an illness. Also they may never get along, a chicken needs another chicken, you really shouldn’t have just one.

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