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Apr 5, 2009
I happened to wake up at four in the morning and was sitting on the couch. Heard a noise in the backyard. Went back to look and found three ENORMOUS St. Bernards attacking my chicken coop!!!

I yelled at them, and the dogs charged me! Ran up on my deck at me, snarling and growling. We don't have a gun, so I called 911. The police came and caught them and hauled them off to the pound.

Fortunately, they didn't get my birds, this time anyway. The chicken coop is a mess. They were minutes away from getting in. There's blood everywhere--from the dogs, thank goodness, not the chickens. They must have cut themselves on the hardware cloth, not that it deterred them at all.

No collars on the dogs, but they were really pretty animals, so I can't imagine they were just wild.

A month ago, I had 16 chickens killed, and I haven't been able to figure out who did it. Well, now I know. The teeth marks are identical. Can't wait to find the owners!!!
I'm glad you and your babies are ok! What a thing to wake up to.
I'm really glad you got to see the dogs, and caught them in the act and can now make the owners pay for your poultry you already lost. So sorry for your loss, glad you weren't hurt and GO GET 'EM as far as your loss on your birds!!! Stick it to 'em GOOD!!! $$$$$
Saint Bernards, really?? I thought they were supposed to be protective breeds. Shows you that breed doesn't matter as much as up-bringing, doesn't it? Thankfully you caught them before anything happened. Good job.
I'm so glad you heard it and were able to stop them! Better yet was that they were caught. Hopefully their owner will do the right thing and keep them enclosed on his/her property from now on.
I was horrified to read this - I have three st. bernards and can't imagine that they would do that!?? They lay on the deck or grass and let the hummingbirds fly across them and the chickadees land next to them on the deck to feed. Does this mean I'll have to worry about my chickens that are arriving in a week?

I am so sorry about your interaction with those dogs, I hope that doesn't affect your feelings about the breed - remember that there is a person behind the animal. And to run up and growl!!! Yikes!

Hope that your chicks are ok and not too shaken up. Have you found out who owns them?
First off I love dogs I have 4, But them are some lucky dogs. A strange dog, no collars, after my live stock, and then charges up on the deck growling! you could count the number of seconds he has to live on one hand with a couple of fingers left

Let me say this though, some people are not cut out to take somethings life. Some people aren't calm enough under stress or don't have the skills to make a humane shot under this kind of situation , if you are in either one of these catagories, calling 911 is the better idea
I have seen a few bad st. bernards. Remember they were orinally bred to gaurd monastaries. any dog that size that show aggression towards humans needs put down. sorry if I sound hard, but a dog that size can get a kids whole head in its mouth,
We don't own a gun. But after last night, we're definitely talking about getting one. Those dogs were SCARY. I've never seen anything like it.
When you get one, practice practice practice. You should be able to load, aim, and shoot with out having sit and think about what action to perform next.
When you get one, practice practice practice. You should be able to load, aim, and shoot with out having sit and think about what action to perform next.

I agree..... Be so comfortable that it feels like you are pointing your finger and going boom.. That being said some people take to guns naturally, and others have to learn it..... and not to flinch at the sound/kick.

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