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i got my order from McMurray today (first time ordering from them) . One chick was DOA and much tinier than the silkie bantams, it had to be a buff rock, but way small. Another blue silkie died withing 1 hour, which I know happens. I have a 3 legged chicken in the mix, either a white leghorn or cornish cross, they look similar. The third leg is sticking out its backside and the vent is somewhat over to the side. This chick is very active. My point is, I know McMurray is a very large hatchery, but come on. Where is the basic quality control? How can they ship such obviously defective chicks? The inventory label lists 1 extra of each white leghorn and cornish cross. I think they slipped this guy in as a disposable packing peanut. What jerks. I am hoping it survives but don't want it to be miserable. It appears to be pooping ok. I saw a documentary about chickens where a headless chicken lived for quite a few years. (sigh)


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I understand what you're saying but what are the options for this chick if they DON'T send it as a packing peanut? At least its life had some purpose this way. If they hadn't sent it, its not like the employees were going to keep it and raise it and let it live out its life in peace.

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Chicken Paradise PLEASE, PLEASE email a photo to McMurray asap, ask how their order pickers missed that, OR is this what they call a packing peanut. This is not a case of shipping accident or bad weather enroute. Who knows maybe they put dead ones in along with the others and then recipients assume it died in shipping. This really makes me ill.

BY all means please go to then click on products and services, then click Garden Watchdog. From there you can do an aphabetical search for "McMurrays hatchery".You will be able to click on their website, and also read all reviews about them - they have many negative ones but I've never heard of anyone getting the surprise poor little chick you did

.You have the opportunity to write comments on them to warn others, etc.Davesgarden will send a copy of review to them. I would really like to hear how they squirm out of this one.

Daves Garden Watchdog is free it is mainly about plants, supplies etc., but one of their categories is poultry supplies etc., and lists 48 hatcheries with all comments that have come in over several years.If more people knew about this, I'm sure the list of complaints would be much greater for them and some other hatcheries. They list Ideal, Cackle etc.

PLEASE BYCERS check out the reports (good & bad) before you decide who to order from. You can also send them info about other hatcheries and they will list them if they can confirm they are a business, phone number, address, website etc. The you can be the first to review them.


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My thoughts exactly.
You would give it a good home, after all, what would they do with it, just dispose of it. I hope for the best for your little one. Keep us posted.


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How unusual! At least it ended up in the hands of someone who (hopefully?) won't cull it, though! If I had it, I would definitely just keep it and see how it does. If it doesn't seem to be suffering, gets around fine, and does all the normal chicken things, well, there's no reason to treat it differently than any other chicken, really. Maybe it'll make an interesting pet for conversation.

Anyway, good luck with the baby, and please do provide us with pictures!

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