Three week old chicks have bugs! Need Advise, please.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by dominiquetrix, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Mar 23, 2011
    I discovered today that my three week old chicks have bugs. I saw them during the day so guessing they are lice and/or Northern poultry mites.
    I read a few threads to try and figure out what they have but mostly I just want them gone!!!!!
    I prefer to use natural methods, but they had alot of bugs on them, particularly the little Polish babies. I had some powder containing permythrinslabled for use on vegtables and livestock (and poultry). It's called Hi Yield. Needed something a while back and couldn't find DE locally.
    Anyway, I applied it to the chicks and their mother. I also dusted the nest box which has no bedding because the Mama keeps scratching it out. She's a BCM. Always scratching around on the ground, more so than everyone else.
    I hope it wasn't a mistake to treat such young birds, but I could not stand the thought of those little guys getting eaten up.

    Can someone tell me if this was a good/bad idea? I know I need to treat again in 7 to 10 days. Should I try something else? Should I bathe them? They look so miserable. They were eating, drinking and playing normally thank goodness. I'm anxious to see how they are tomorrow. I hate using chemicals on such little guys. I put some Nutridrench in their water to help with the stress. I used it up until a few days ago to give them a little boost and decided maybe they didn't need it anymore....until this afternoon.

    Oh, can my dogs get either of these "bugs"? They are treated for fleas and have little to no direct contact...... the old bedding! I dumped it onto my old garden spot and the dogs go there. They have been itchy but I can't find any cause.

    I am really itchy now.........maybe I'll take another shower.
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