Throwing feed everywhere!!! Help!!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by bald egg, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I have a 4" PVC feeder with a clean out elbow at the bottom. The girls have done very well with this feeder up till this week. All of a sudden they are throwing feed all over the coop rather than eating it!! I filled it one day and it is empty the next. I have been limiting the amount of food I put in it and am feeding them daily. I feed Layena pellets. The coop is 8x6 with 6 hens and Amos the Roo. Any Ideas why they would do this?? Any suggestions for a different feeder?? I need some experienced advice. Thanks
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    You could also try raising your feeder higher so that they can not scratch the food out with their feet. Of course, they may still waste feed, but raising it can help.
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    It could be one of them just figured out how they could rake feed out and select the which morsals they like best. Or sometimes the roo will rake feed out for the hens as a romantic gesture. Not very romantic to us, we are paying for his gallant display if feed is being wasted.I have a rubber mat under my feeder for my less than mannerly flock, this way the feed doesnt go through cracks and end up as mouse food.
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    Here is one that I built... Zero waste. Top of the tray is mounted about 9" off the floor.
  6. Have you recently mixed any thing else in the feeder? I did this once and learned the hard way that once they think something else yummy is in there, they will rake the whole thing trying to find it.
  7. Quote:Very nice.....I may just have to copy that [​IMG]
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    Quote:Very nice.....I may just have to copy that [​IMG]

    I have some plans that I drew up for another BYC member. She loves it BTW.
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    Quote:Oh that is very nice!
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    I was using a baby pig feeder till they figured they could scoop it out with their beaks. I purchased a plastic chicken feeder with what looks like a wagon wheel on the bottom tray and hung it about 8-9in up. Works great. No more waste and my food bill has dropped considerably.

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