thumbs up not appearing?


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Nov 14, 2012
Hello .. I'm back on after being snowed in.. 2014..
I do not see the thumbs up either?
-- and ?? why would you think that clicking a thumbs up would be abusive..
< i for one object to the "thought" and action of people trying to get a number post over X,000 or such.. > very hard for me on dial up especially with all the advertizing to "load up" for each page change.. when only one or 2 post.. really have much information.

I would really like to have some way ( i used the thumbs up.. ) to be able for folks to acknowledge Posts with lots of good information..
< not some one just parroting a previous post.. or saying " that's funny" with emoticons. >

off topic
today i tried to search with in a thread.. by profile name.. of the thread starter.. so i could try and find an answer in a 66 page thread. and that didnt work.

How are we supposed to weed thru.. the long threads.. for "great" information..
do you have SEVERAL suggestions.. and one way dosent work for everything..
thanks in advance of your help with this matter..
Debra in Dial up hell


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Dec 26, 2006
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My Coop
You should see the "thumbs up" on the non-social area posts. If not, then there is something odd going on.

If left wide open, the system could be abused, but we're looking into opening it up a bit more.

Thanks for the other ideas and suggestions regarding searching and bubbling up the best content. One thing we'd like to add is a feature that lets members sort a thread by "posts with most likes".

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