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    Jul 9, 2008
    TX baby!
    I have a werid question!

    I have a bantam top hat aka Jullian who is now 4 weeks old today.

    Yesterday he a slight head tilt, a squinty eye on the tilted side and a feather missing from his 'fro. Today his tilt is worse (more up now).

    We seperated him in another brooder with some of his vaulted skull friends, he's on medicated starter and free access water and a heat lamp temp reads at 81 (lows in the 30's tonight). He is chirping like mad because he's been seprated from his Brahma buddie

    Anything esle that he might need?
    Will he get better or will the tilt get worse?

    I really not want to lose this little boy his is a trip just like his name sake King Jullian
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