Time between first and next egg


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May 22, 2007
Greeneville, Tn
I am wondering everyones experiance with first time layers. How long did it take for that second egg to arrive? How often after first egg did you hear egg song?
I was blessed-second day I found an egg-she has only skipped one day in the 2 weeks since she started laying. Other ones haven't started quite yet though.
I'm still waiting to hear the egg song. But the 14hour rule seems to be fairly accurate for my girls. Currently 2 of my 4 are laying.
All hens are different.

I've had some that started and didn't stop, I've had some that laid one egg and then not again for a couple of WEEKS... go fig.
I have a couple of cochin/EE mixes that just started laying last Monday and this Friday. There's been an egg in the nest from both of them since the first egg. I couldn't be more tickled! I have 4 more to start any day now.
Weeks I hope not. LOL i have 3 more pullets that are now red and squating regular. Hopefully i hear lots of egg song and see eggs soon.
Big experienced egg man here
No, not really. I just got my first egg one week ago.

So far, just one of my three pullets is laying. Dominique laid one every other day (Wed, Fri and Sun) and now she is dropping one a day (Mon, Tues, Wed)! Day light is getting shorter each day...I hope my other two pullets contibute soon.

Egg song mean fresh breakfast

I'm glad you asked, Cybercat. I was just wondering about the same thing. Mine are due to start laying any day now. I can hardly wait! I don't know what the egg song is yet, but I'm sure I'll be finding out soon.
I have one hen who has been a steady layer for about 4 weeks and another hen of the same age who has only laid one egg and that was 2 weeks ago but nothing since. I have been worried about it but it sounds like that is not totally abnormal.
Glad to hear someone else has had that experience.

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