Time Fly's Day 18 and Didnt realize it!

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    Feb 27, 2008
    I just now this second thought to myself "wonder how many more days before i need to take them out of the turner?" Well tonight at 10 PM will be 18 days since i set them. I dont even know if any of them are viable because they are to dark to candle. Anyhow i know i need to take them out of the turner tonight and raise the humidity but what i dont know is do i just lay them any ole way in the bottom of the bator? or do i need to prop them upright like they are in the turner? Also i need to raise the humidity to 80% or more? Thanks
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  2. Katy

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    I hatch in an egg carton with them setting the same way they were in the turner...big end up. 70% is high enough. It will raise more on it's own once they start hatching. 80% is too high. Good luck!
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    I just lay them on the wire. Did that this morning, day 18 for me too, and I just checked and 2 have pipped(the mutts, of course). I keep saying I'll try the egg carton method, but haven't yet. Lots of people here use egg cartons and swear by it. Maybe I'll try it next time. Day 18 on my other hatch is in 3 days...[​IMG][​IMG] Have I lost my mind???

    Good luck!!


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