Time it takes to re-feather??


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I have 9 hens, they are a year old and they are all bald (bad EX-rooster)--huge spots behind their combs. How long will it be before they start looking pretty and fluffy again?

These are some of the things I am doing in hopes to help them get stronger, less stressed:

I started 24% protein game chow on Sat., how long should I continue to feed them this???
I am putting electrolytes and vitamins in their water, will 7 days be long enough to boost their immune system??

**I got rid of the rooster. No one is pecking/picking. Everyone is eating well and they have fresh water two times a day. I offer free choice grit and oyster shell and they still have their regular 16% Layena. And they get fresh organic greens every morning. They are chowing down on the game food. Crickets and meal worms are their treats....

IS there anything else I need to be doing or offering them??? Thank you.
I'm sorry to say they will not re-feather until their regular molting time, and there is no way you can hurry this along. It could very well be next fall or winter before they molt and new feathers grow in. So no need to feed them super-high protein feed, the good treats that you give them are plenty for what they need now. I would only do the vits and electrolytes for recommended time period (7 days?). Sounds like you all doing well by them, all they need is time...
I didn't realize they only re-feathered during molt! I will stop the game feed as soon as this bag is finished (a small bag)--won't take long! LOL Thanks you...
So is it ok to offer them the extra protein for a few months? Thank you for the attachment. It was nice to know that they may grow some new feathers on their poor bald heads.. I think I should make them some bonnets, like Miss Prissy's on Foghorn Leghorn....

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