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    I need quick advice, I have a broody who is hatching chicks as I type. this morning she had a beautiful fluffy chick, and a cold wet chick that was laying about 6 inches in front of her, i took the barely moving chick who literally was cold to the touch, and rushed her inside and put her under a heat lamp. Now, hours later she is beautiful and fluffy and warm and appears healthy. Now, currently, there is the fluffy chick under mom, and a newly hatched partially wet chick under mom. also 2 pipped eggs. SO.....I don't want to raise this little bugger inside unless I have to. Can i slip her under mom now, since there are othe r chicks of various stages, is it best to wait until the night anyways?

  2. I'd wait till night, just to be safe
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    Hatching chicks is very stressful on the hen, so I would wait. When night falls, slip the chick under her. Good luck :thumbsup
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    Wait until night time. Glad you were able to save her!

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